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I'm Armin Arlert, 15, enlisted in the Scouting Legion, and I run this blog to answer questions anyone may have for me- to the best of my abilities anyway...

I can't promise I'll get to every question right away, and I can't promise my inbox won't eat your questions..

Be patient! I'll do my best!


answered 4 months ago
Anonymous :

Have you ever seen someone naked? On accident of course unless there's been a "incident" on purpose.

When you become a soldier, you can’t really avoid it to be honest…

answered 5 months ago

If you have to choose, who you like more Eren or Mikasa? I know it´s maybe hard, but you have to choose one

I couldn’t possibly choose one.

They’re both far too special to me, and as my friends they’re equal.

It’s somewhat like the way doting parents wouldn’t be able to pick a child they love more.

answered 5 months ago

What is your best and worst memory?

There are quite a few nominees… It’s difficult to choose.

answered 5 months ago
Anonymous :

i will show you the outside world someday ok?

Well supposing you know a great deal about the outside world, that would be very kind of you. So alright.

answered 5 months ago
Anonymous :

Does Eren know about this blog, and if yes, what does he think about all the questions that you recieve about your relationship? I'd like to hear both your opinions!

reblogged 5 months ago


dealing with teens is so stressful

answered 5 months ago
Anonymous :

smooch hanji...

posted 6 months ago

E- Eh? Um… 

answered 6 months ago

Armin… Since when did you start looking at me with those eyes?


answered 6 months ago
Anonymous :

Being a guy and living with guys, I assume there was pornography floating around in the bunks. So do you indulge in porn? And what's your preferred body type?

Yes, I suppose there was back during the trainee days. To be perfectly honest it all intrigued me, I hadn’t been exposed to it before then, it was interesting to me to say the least. As for body type, I’m not so picky, just as long as they take care of themselves well enough.